Discoteca | 2013

11/10/2013 • 30/11/2013

Magazzino is pleased to announce Aleksandra Mir second solo exhibition at the gallery. Titled Discoteca, the show consists of a series of 14 large scale drawings from her Vinyl series – a group of handmade, larger than life reproductions of vintage vinyl records, where each Sharpie pen stroke replicates a groove or where cover images are lovingly traced in a way reminiscent of teenage bedrooms and the manual imperfection of adoring fans, only to expand in craftsmanship and ambition to reach a perfect language of its own. Created during the artistĘĽs five year residency in Palermo (2005-10), the source records on which the series is based on were originally found in local private homes, and range from Italian classics to…Continua / More

Werken is Leven | 2013

Magazzino is pleased to present a new exhibition by Domenico Mangano in the gallery. The Sicilian artist, who has been living and working in Amsterdam since 2010, will present a series of projects that are testimonies to his encounter with the culture of northern Europe, specifically the Netherlands. Whereas Mangano’s early works were characterized by a strong sense of “Sicilitudine” and consequently by a sence local marginality, resistance or escape from social rules, in this new experience he is adapts it to systems of organization and community in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, where mostly everything is based on transparency, corporate culture and the organization of public spaces, the contrasts are not on the surface but hidden deep. Mangano has…Continua / More

Blast | 2013

Eleven years after Fatica #17, Magazzino is proud to present a new solo exhibition by Daniele Puppi in the gallery. Blast is the first occasion where Puppi presents, in a solo exhibition, the series of works re-animated Cinema a body of work, which the artist has been working on since 2011 and that has already been presented in numerous group exhibitions during 2012. In these “minimal devices of multisensory reanimation”, Puppi uses excerpts from original auteur films and B-movies, which he re-assembles by deconstructing and rewriting the image and editing, thus creating strongly emotional and spectacular projections. Using old editing monitors or hypertechnological sound screens Puppi multiplies the point of origin of the cinematographic image, in a play of evidences…Continua / More

Encore! | 2012

Magazzino è lieta di presentare Encore, nuova mostra per il periodo Dicembre – Gennaio. La mostra è concepita per essere una sorta di best of delle attivitĂ  dell’ultimo anno e mezzo, includendo opere dei nostri artisti che siano transitate in Musei ed Istituzioni, italiane e straniere, nell’ambito di mostre personali e collettive. Da Elisabetta Benassi (MAXXI), Mircea Cantor (Centre Pompidou), Antonio Biasiucci (Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica) e Pedro Cabrita Reis (Museum Leuven, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Museo Berardo), fino a Alberto Garutti (PAC), Massimo Bartolini (MAXXI), Alessandro Piangiamore (MACRO) e Jonas Dahlberg (Moderna Museet), la mostra include testimonianze dirette e indirette della visibilitĂ  dei nostri artisti nel corso dell’ultima stagione. Facendo il verso al bis che le compagnie teatrali concedono al…Continua / More