Homo Ludens | 2015

19/11/2015 • 30/01/2016

Magazzino is pleased to present an exhibition project resulting from the collaboration between Japanese artist Arina Endo (1983, lives and works between Florence and Berlin) and Gianluca Malgeri (1974, lives and works between Florence and Berlin). For his third solo show at the gallery, Malgeri invited Endo to think of a project together. The collaboration between the two artists started in 2015 in the occasion of the exhibition Edge of Chaos, whereEndo and Malgeri presented for the first time the series of sculptures Expelled from Paradise, inspired by the ‚ÄėLand of Toys‚Äô in the tale of Pinocchio. This collaboration continues with Homo Ludens, an exhibition inspired by Carmelo Bene‚Äôs reinterpretation of Pinocchio, and his metaphor of the ‚Äúheroic refusal of…Continua / More

The Years of the Hour Blue | 2015

14/10/2015 • 10/11/2015

It is with great pleasure that Magazzino announces the fifth exhibition in the gallery by Belgian artist Jan Fabre. The exhibition The Years of the Hour Blue, features a series of works executed between the Eighties and Nineties and shown for the first time in Italy in this occasion. Jan Fabre’s so called Bic-Art brings us back to the end of the Seventies with a series of performance-based works where the artist relates to space and art history by expanding the traditional notion of two-dimensional drawing. Walls, objects, rooms and buildings are transformed and through the obsessive use of the bic ballpoint pen, ‚Äúerased‚ÄĚ but also consecrated and legitimized. Some of Fabre‚Äôs most iconic works are born in this context:…Continua / More

Traces | 2015

05/06/2015 • 31/07/2015

Magazzino¬†is pleased to announce an exhibition by¬†Fiamma Montezemolo,¬†curated by Emi Fontana.¬†The project features 3 works, the installation¬†The Three Ecologies¬†and¬†Field notes,¬†both from 2015, and¬†Traces, a video made in 2012. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Emi Fontana. In the installation¬†The Three Ecologies,¬†the artist develops the concept of ecology by F√©lix Guattari, who, building on the anthropologist Gregory Bateson, approaches ecology through three dimensions: the social, the mental, and the environmental. This assemblage invites us to think ‚Äėtransversally‚Äô and to approach ecology as the science of the household that connects mind, society, and environment in unpredictable ways. This expanded ecology is here reworked, by assembling cactus plants, a kilim carpet, and gallery dwellers invited to sit on it. As an…Continua / More

Dolmen, Sinfonia n.7 | 2015

Magazzino is pleased to announce the second solo exhibition of works by Jorge Peris. Titled Dolmen, Sinfonia nr.7, the show features a body of work developed over the last four years and exhibited, for the first time in its entirety and complexity, in the gallery spaces. The island of El Palmar, in the Natural Park de la Albufera in the vicinity of Valencia, is an ancient place, tied to millennial traditions, its life dictated by the relation with salt water constantly brushing the shores. Four years ago Jorge Peris moved his studio here from Madrid, and since then his work has been following the pace and essence of the landscape, defined by sedimentation, stratification, and the action of time. As…Continua / More