Mirrors | 2016

09/11/2016 • 09/12/2016

Magazzino is pleased to announce the third solo exhibition by American photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron entitled Mirrors. The exhibition includes fourteen new works in colour, a continuation of the series first shown at Magazzino in 2004, and published in the same year by Holzwarth publications, with a text by writer Edmund White. Jeannette Montgomery Barron uses mirrors as a metaphor of the self. Each image is, in fact, a self-portrait of the artist. The mirror in its literal sense, but also metaphorical: anything that is projected from the image at the time is captured, as a doubled sight. Each and every mirror reveals also another side, becoming a new and in-depth portrait, where latent aspects are also captured. In comparison…Continua / More

Quaranta | 2016

17/09/2016 • 29/10/2016

Magazzino is delighted to open its new exhibition season with Alessandro Piangiamore’s third solo show at the gallery. The title of the exhibition, Quaranta [Forty] directly references the number of works on show; less explicitly, it is also a reference to a landmark birthday and therefore part of a ritual – an element that has always characterized the Sicilian artist’s work. The body of the exhibition consists of works from his Ikebana series, which is based on a collection process associated with the quotidian and the contingent: market castoff flowers or flowers found along routes that the artist takes every day, collected and drown into slabs made using building materials. The hardness of the materials and structures contrasts with the…Continua / More

Pergamena | 2016

24/05/2016 • 24/07/2016

Magazzino is pleased to announce the opening of Pergamena, an exhibition of drawings by the American artist, David Schutter. This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery, an occasion that coincides with his first museum show in Italy at the Istituto Centrale per la Grafica in Palazzo Poli.   Pergamena is the Latin word for parchment, a material made from processing animal skins and used in the ancient and medieval worlds as a writing surface. The preparation involves soaking, liming, scraping, and stretching the skins to achieve a uniformity of smooth texture, thinness, and great durability. Used in the manufacture of scrolls and later manuscript production, pergamena succeeded the use of papyrus, and until the popularization of paper and…Continua / More

Jonas Dahlberg | 2016

12/02/2016 • 01/04/2016

Magazzino is pleased to announce the third solo show by Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg in the gallery space. After having focused in recent years on large-scale public commissions, Dahlberg produced a new series of works with a more intimate and personal approach, echoing an inner landscape of visual and sound memories, and an immersive fascination with nature. A series of photographs, both in colour and black & white, depicts common birds sitting on tree branches in their natural environment. What appears to be a skilful snapshot of a chance encounter with nature, is in fact a natural setting carefully prepared and pre-constructed by the artist himself, who stages a sort of cinematographic diorama and waits for the perfect instant to…Continua / More

Letargo | 2016

15/12/2016 • 31/03/2017

Magazzino is proud to present its third solo gallery show for Elisabetta Benassi (b. Rome, 1966), entitled Letargo [Hibernation/lethargy], six years after the artist’s last one-woman show at the gallery. Consisting entirely of new works conceived for the event, the exhibition opens on Thursday 15 December 2016 and continues until 28 February 2017. A condition of physiological suspension, “hibernation/lethargy” spans a number of different meaning spaces: in animal hibernation, biological activity is reduced to a minimum in response to unfavourable climatic conditions; machines go into a kind of hibernation when they are left alone; hibernation is an accumulation of time and possibility unlocked by its extension; political hibernation or lethargy implies the suspension of judgement and the consequent peril of…Continua / More