Bevete Pi├╣ Latte

27/09/2019 • 20/11/2019

Magazzino is proud to announce the new exhibition season with the first solo show in Italy of the Brazilian collective OPAVIVARA╠ü!, titled Bevete piu╠Ç latte. The exhibition opens to the public Friday the 27th of September and will remain on view until the 20th of November 2019. For their debut show with Magazzino, OPAVIVARA╠ü! Has decided to create a liquid proposal, inspired in the title to the famous episode from the film Boccaccio ÔÇÖ70 directed by Federico Fellini, Le Tentazioni del Dottor Antonio in which Antonio Mazzuolo (Peppino de Filippo), a man who is rigid in his conservative conventions and censorious and is profoundly disturbed by the female body, develops a noxious relationship with a monumental advertisement billboard of Anita…Continua / More


15/05/2019 • 15/07/2019

Magazzino is happy to announce A, the first solo exhibition by Namsal Siedlecki with the gallery. The exhibition will open on Wednesday 15 May 2019 and will last until 15 July 2019. Siedlecki has decided to elaborate a double approach, linked to separate trajectories having the common idea of desire and its fulfilment. On one hand, the artist has gathered approximately one-hundred thirty thousand coins among the ones that are picked up daily from the Trevi Fountain, and that for several reasons (non-existing coinages, too low exchange values, damage or modification to coins) are not exchanged and are simply piled up and put away. Medals, tokens, carved or modified coins do represent for Siedlecki a whole of desires, stuck in…Continua / More

When the Whistle Glares | 2019

29/01/2019 • 20/04/2019

Magazzino is pleased to present When the Whistle Glares, the new solo exhibition by Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy, curated by Lorenzo Benedetti. The exhibition, which follows by six years Mangano’s solo show (2013) and almost two years from the personal Homestead of Dilution at the Nomas Foundation in Rome (2017), is the first in the gallery since Mangano & van Rooy started working as duo, in 2014. The exhibition includes a film and a series of sculptures made during an artist’s residence at a psychiatric clinic on the island of Cura├žao, a former Dutch colony in the Caribbean. This is the final chapter of The Dilution Project, a long-term artistic research developed around the concept of antipsychiatry and…Continua / More