Early Works. Da Giotto a Hirst

10/12/2021 • 31/01/2022

Magazzino is happy to present the sixth solo show by Vedovamazzei at the gallery space, titled Early Works. Da Giotto a Hirst.   As it often happens with Vedovamazzei, artistic duo born in 1991 and composed by Simeone Crispino and Stella Scala, all the visual stimuli triggered by wonderment and surprise represent one of the main aspects upon which their works are based.   For this exhibition, Vedovamazzei presents a series of works started in 1992 and still in progress, related to iconic works from great artists of the past and of the present which have been reinterpreted by children from 5 to 12 years old. Infantile drawings always have a similar style, for children do not learn from techniques,…Continua / More


08/10/2021 • 18/11/2021

Magazzino is pleased to present Insomniac, Vincent Darrè’s first solo exhibition at the gallery.   An admirer of DalĂŹ, Magritte and Cocteau, Vincent Darrè always brings dreamlike feelings to his unique collection of furniture. Extravagance, a sense of humor and an eclectic irony become the trademark of his entire artistic production.   He began his career in fashion, to finally embrace interior design and decorative arts. In 2009, after a solo exhibition in Toulun Art Museum, he created Maison DarrĂŠ, driven by the desire to develop a new vision for the decorative arts. The maison would not exist without artisans who give to all the furniture the magic of their know-how. The pieces created here thus bear the mark of…Continua / More

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Art Basel 2021 – Italian Influences

21/09/2021 • 26/09/2021

A journey through the arts of 20th and 21st centuries With works by: Giacomo Balla, Massimo Bartolini, Elisabetta Benassi, Alighiero Boetti, Enrico Castellani, Mircea Cantor, Francesca Leone, Piero Manzoni, Cabrita, Alessandro Piangiamore, Daniele Puppi, Vedovamazzei, Ettore Spalletti, Mario Schifano, Namsal Siedlecki With the special project Italian Influences, conceived specifically for Art Basel 2021, we aim to present a non-linear history of tendencies and influences in over a century of Italian and international arts. Starting from the historical avant-garde, throughout its Postwar reformulation and exploring a series of look-backs by contemporary artists, the presentation engages the viewer with a scattered and fragmented history of Italian influences, through connections and contextualizations that give life to unexpected relations.  


14/05/2021 • 30/06/2021

Magazzino is happy to announce VENTIVENTUNO, the third solo show by Daniele Puppi at the gallery space after FATICA N.17 (2002) e BLAST (2013). The exhibition will be accompanied by a critical contribution of Valentino CatricalĂ  and Barbara London.   In VENTIVENTUNO Daniele Puppi presents four new video installations:   FANTASTIC VOYAGE (2021), begins from a fragment of the eponymous movie by Richard Fleischer (1966), inspired in turn by Isaac Asimov’s book. A sci-fi and absurd journey inside the human body. The unlikely scene of the voyage, has been radically transformed by the artist through an unusual presentation in which the very same image is projected in a specular way on two screens, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality.   MENOCCHIO (2021), presents…Continua / More

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Ascolto il tuo cuore, cittĂ 

05/03/2021 • 30/04/2021

Jonas Dahlberg’s videos Untitled (Horizontal Sliding) (2000) and Untitled (Vertical Sliding) (2001), feature empty interiors whose reality is both enigmatic and suggestive. The slow movement of the camera reveals one room after another, evoking archetypal spaces that look familiar and foreign at the same time. Light seeps from under closed doors, but there’s no reason to think anyone’s home, or rather, in their rooms. Appearances, of course, prove deceptive. Dahlberg’s sets are architectural models, built to a circular plan, and filmed with a centrally positioned rotating camera. What seem to be tracking shots are really 360° pans, describing loci that inevitably read as nodes in a labyrinth–a subtly scary one, since its vertical and horizontal extension implies the impossibility of…Continua / More