L’Innominabile, confuso alla Porta dei Leoni

07/04/2022 • 14/05/2022

Magazzino is happy to announce the third solo exhibition by Jorge Peris (1969, Alzira) at the gallery after Diamante in 2007 and Dolmen, Sinfonia nr. 7 in 2015. The exhibition is the ideal completion of a trilogy initiated in 2020 with Dark Man a lomos del pájaro de fuego (IVAM, Valencia) followed in 2021 by Desembarco en el País de Nunca Jamás (Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles). The exhibition at Magazzino will open to the public from April 7 to May 14, 2022.   L’innominabile, confuso alla Porta dei Leoni (The Unnamed, confused at the Lion Gate) builds on the tradition, well rooted in Peris’ work, of free associations between seemingly distant elements, collocated in a system of references that goes…Continua / More