Traces | 2015

05/06/2015 • 31/07/2015

Magazzino¬†is pleased to announce an exhibition by¬†Fiamma Montezemolo,¬†curated by Emi Fontana.¬†The project features 3 works, the installation¬†The Three Ecologies¬†and¬†Field notes,¬†both from 2015, and¬†Traces, a video made in 2012. The exhibition is accompanied by a text by Emi Fontana. In the installation¬†The Three Ecologies,¬†the artist develops the concept of ecology by F√©lix Guattari, who, building on the anthropologist Gregory Bateson, approaches ecology through three dimensions: the social, the mental, and the environmental. This assemblage invites us to think ‚Äėtransversally‚Äô and to approach ecology as the science of the household that connects mind, society, and environment in unpredictable ways. This expanded ecology is here reworked, by assembling cactus plants, a kilim carpet, and gallery dwellers invited to sit on it. As an…Continua / More