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TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time) | Group Show | 2018

21/06/2018 • 28/07/2018

Magazzino is happy to announce the second leg of the group exhibition TBT (To Be Titled, Turn Back Time), that will open Thursday 21 June 2018. The exhibition, begun on May 11th, will be redesigned with the addition of works by Renato Leotta, Yudith Levin, Jorge Peris and Alessandro Piangiamore, renewing the idea of a faceted dialogue between gallery artists (Peris, Piangiamore) and non-represented artist (Leotta, Levin) whose works will integrate with the ones by Massimo Bartolini, Guillermo Galindo, David Schutter, Nicola Martini, Matteo Nasini and Namsal Siedlecki already on show at the gallery.   If the works exhibited in To Be Titled seemed to advance a reflection on their own condition, of being “final” and “finished” objects but still…Continua / More