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Ascolto il tuo cuore, cittĂ 

05/03/2021 • 30/04/2021

Jonas Dahlberg’s videos Untitled (Horizontal Sliding) (2000) and Untitled (Vertical Sliding) (2001), feature empty interiors whose reality is both enigmatic and suggestive. The slow movement of the camera reveals one room after another, evoking archetypal spaces that look familiar and foreign at the same time. Light seeps from under closed doors, but there’s no reason to think anyone’s home, or rather, in their rooms. Appearances, of course, prove deceptive. Dahlberg’s sets are architectural models, built to a circular plan, and filmed with a centrally positioned rotating camera. What seem to be tracking shots are really 360° pans, describing loci that inevitably read as nodes in a labyrinth–a subtly scary one, since its vertical and horizontal extension implies the impossibility of…Continua / More